Growth Program Overview: The Key Pillar of Project SEED’s GameFi 2.0 Ecosystem

Our mission is to revolutionize the blockchain game industry, and one of the most sustainable ways to do that is through collaboration with partners. Driven by this initiative, Project SEED Growth Program is created to incubate projects that are passionate about building blockchain games but need more powerful financial support.

During the game development, Building Assets Library, Marketplace, Blockchain, and Server Backend can be considered the parts that cost the most and take much more time than other stages. Project SEED Growth Program will allow the builders to focus on the pure process of developing games including building mechanics; designing game, levels, control, combat, gameplay; marketing, and business development. At the same time, builders can utilize Project SEED Assets Library, Marketplace, Blockchain, and Server Backend to expedite and simplify the costliest aspects of game development.


Growth Program

Growth Program will include but is not limited to Incubation, Grants, and SEED Launcher. Growth Program Partners will be able to leverage Project SEED user base, Assets Library, Blockchain Backend, Server Backend, and other applicable features and products. It will open up the possibility of having a more vibrant ecosystem and boost the general blockchain gaming ecosystem even further.


SEED Launcher

SEED Launcher is a launchpad platform to help GameFi Projects raise funds and help the community find good quality GameFi Projects to invest in.

Project SEED is not only a platform to help raise funds but also the advisor of potential projects to provide insights and improve their quality based on our experience. Our focus is to ensure the success of the projects.

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