Outland Odyssey Gameplay: Zed and Everything

Outland Odyssey, our first game title, tells an uplifting story of adventuring to save the world. It is an action RPG that allows players to explore and survive in a dying metaverse where they can hunt, capture, and train creatures called Zeds. This steampunk-designed game leads a captivating gameplay, embedded with positive imprints that destruction is not imminent and the characters are still hopeful that the world can be saved. 

Inspired by Monster Hunter, Diablo, and Pokémon, we would like to give our take on the ARPG genre and challenge players in an action-packed journey through the lands of Avoria. 

The core gameplay loop will revolve around combat against wild Zeds. The player will have chosen a quest from town and be spawned into a procedurally generated map.

Hunter Heaven, a city in Westbarren where players start their odyssey 

The combat will be fast-paced and focused on allowing the players to actively dodge and strike at the enemy in real-time. They will use a combination of standard attacks and directionally aimed special moves acting like a faster version of a MOBA. The player will be aided by a team of friendly Zeds that they have captured and trained as allies. 

Outland Odyssey hero character fighting Zed

Outside combat, the game revolves around exploration and crafting. The players can use the materials earned from defeated Zeds to craft new gears and unlock new cities/lands to explore.

Weapon and gear traded in Outland Odyssey 

Further details on the Outland Odyssey game will be available in the future. Follow Project SEED’s official channels for more exciting news and updates: