Project SEED Weekly Update - Oct 17

Here’s another wrap-up of our activities in the past week.

1. We released a detailed blog to provide a thorough understanding of Project SEED’s ecosystem, connected by 5 pillars: Game Studio, GameFi, DAO, E-sport, and Growth Program.

2. The current gaming economy was also explained here, and why Project SEED has incorporated both play-to-earn and free-to-play models into its in-game economy with a central focus for our players.

3. We introduced a wallpaper teaser of our beloved Avorian warrior, Lenora - one of the main characters in our first game title Outland Odyssey.

4. A demo clip of the city in Outland Odyssey was available, check it out here: And make sure not to miss its official gameplay:  

5. We also released Outland Odyssey's original soundtrack with a shout-out to our musician - Chandra Cheung. Listen here: 

6. Behind the scenes: 3D modeling process by one of our artists. Full video: 

7. Our CEO - Liko Subakti is giving away the first official Project SEED & Outland Odyssey merch. More information on how to join here:  

8. To end the week with a positive note, we’re happy to receive a beautiful and thorough infographic from Fomo Catchers.

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