Project SEED September Update

September 2021 is coming to an end and here are our highlights in this big month.

1. CoinMarketCap airdrop

To celebrate 10k members on Telegram and 10k followers on Twitter, we collaborated with CoinMarketCap to launch a US$20,000 airdrop. 2,000 winners have been selected among 140,000 entries and prizes will be distributed within 30 days after TGE.

2. Official gameplay trailer

We introduced the official gameplay trailer of Project SEED’s very first game title - Outland Odyssey. 

3. New partnerships

Project SEED was delighted to receive strategic investment from many leading venture firms and investors during September 2021. We have partnered with Huobi Ventures, Cipholio Ventures, Panda Capital, and Basics Capital in the month. These partnerships further accelerate our vision of disrupting the blockchain gaming industry and scaling up the GameFi market to mass adoption. 

We also announced partnership with House of Chimera - the leading institutional research provider in the space. The partnership will bring our users and stakeholders an objective and independent research about what we are doing.

4. Ambassador Program 

We announced the very first batch of Ambassador Program aka The Shillers Army with the joining of 2 celebs - Cutto and Brenda - as honored ambassadors under the campaign kick-off. In total, there are 22 Shillers from Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, China, Korea, Turkey, Nigeria, and India joining our first Army. 

5. New blockchain integration

We also announced our integration with Binance Smart Chain (BSC), taking one step closer to the multichain platform we’re heading to.

With the chain running in parallel with Binance’s native Binance Chain (BC), BSC is a powerful choice for Project SEED with its smart contract functionality and high transaction capacity of BC.

6. Public sales timeline update

Aiming to achieve a successful IDO, Project SEED has decided to reschedule our public sales to Q4 | 2021. The decision is made following our research of essential market conditions to prepare for a seamless public sale event.

That’s a wrap-up for Project SEED this month. More exciting news to come in October! Follow Project SEED’s official channels for the latest news and updates.