1st Batch of Ambassador Program aka The SHILLERS ARMY Revealed

Project SEED is proud to announce the very first batch of Ambassador Program aka The Shillers Army with the joining of 2 celebs as honored ambassadors under the campaign kick-off.  

The Shillers will help take decisive steps to spread awareness about our project and facilitate better communication among the community. Coming from various countries spanning Asia, Africa, and Europe, they play an important role in localizing the project in specific markets. In particular, there are a total of 22 Shillers from Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, China, Korea, Turkey, Nigeria, and India joining our first Army. 

We are also thrilled to name Cutto and Brenda among our official ambassadors. Cutto is a famous Thailand pop singer, who is also known as the frontman for the duo Lipta. He is a social media maven who created the YouTube comedy channel Tiger Cry, which currently has around 1 million subscribers.

“It is so exciting to see Project Seed progressing the concept of blockchain gaming ecosystem. Play-2-earn Gaming can be really fun with a complete ecosystem!”, Brenda shared about joining us as an ambassador. As an influencer of Financial Investment in General, Brenda is now focusing on Blockchain Tech research, an activity in which she finds great interest.

These awesome KOLs can encourage a more active engagement in our initiatives, which call for action to tell the world about our exciting play-to-earn RPG and be at the forefront of GameFi revolution. In addition to the essential benefits, having the Shillers as part of our community is simply a valuable contribution to Project SEED.  

We will continue expanding the Shillers Army in the future so here’s the chance for those who are interested in our program! Take the first step by filling this form: 


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