Gains Associates — The World First Decentralized VC Backs Project SEED with Seed Round Investment

Project SEED is pleased to announce the investment from the world’s first decentralized VC — GAINS Associates. The VC, founded in 2017, focuses on uncovering and investing in hidden gems, as well as empowering the development of early-stage projects with one of the biggest and most respected crypto communities.

The strategic investment will enable Project SEED to build the finest ARP game app, expand developer team and broaden connectivity in the blockchain space to provide a friendly experience for both crypto and non-crypto players.

Standing for Group Action Is Never Small, GAINS Associates is the embodiment of group strength with the combination of trust, experience, skills and connections. This investment is part of GAINS Associates’s ongoing initiative to promote key projects in the DeFi space.

GAINS Associates is famous for its string of financial wins, most notably Avalanche with 116x return, Quant Network 57x return and Reef 62x return on investment.

“We are in a historical moment, when blockchain technology will revolutionize the whole gaming industry. With its memorable characters, solid gameplay and wonderful art in a play-to-earn mobile app, we believe that Project SEED will leave its mark on millions of gamers in years to come”, said Alexandre Raffin, CEO & Cofounder GAINS Associates.

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Project SEED is the first gaming ecosystem built on a blockchain with a strategic focus on mobile devices. Project SEED includes a Game Studio, DEX. NFT marketplace along with Wallet. It is also a virtual world governed by the community, using a decentralized autonomous organization. Project SEED’s vision is to bring a seamless and customer-centered experience to players on mobile devices.